Ultima Ratio

Mr. Schmidt – the last human worker – gets replaced by a robot. Now his life jumps out of the track – but that’s just the beginning… ULTIMA RATIO is a satirical sci-fi shortfilm which takes a look at the sense and non-sense of rationalization.

This is my graduation film.

2008 Cannes Film Festival Shortfilm Selection
2008 German Economy Movie Award Silver

Schmidt: Matthias Komm
Kaleun: Moritz Gaa
Mueller: Marcin Glowacki
Borowski: Andreas Genschmar
Hologram: Yvy Pop

Producer: Georg Wieland
Director: Marc Schleiss
Script: Marc Schleiss
DOP: Jakob Suess
Visual Effects Supervisor: Joerg Baier
Digital Image Engineer: Michael Ralla
Costume: Christian Rall
Make-Up: Anja Marks
Editing: Marc Schleiss
Sound: Christian Heck
Music: Joh Weisgerber

2008 Shortfilm