The European Parliament

This panoramic imagefilm is the highlight of the visitors center of the european parliament in Brussel. It is a seamless 360° installation. The film shows how parliamentary work is done on european level and gives a fascinating inview in the lawmaking process.

This video is 16:9 and shows only a little part of the whole movie. For the full experience you need to go to brussels.

Client: the european parliament
Conception & direction: Marc Schleiss
Script: Martin Esser, Ruth Fröhner
Executive Producer: Timo Mugele, framegrabber Gmbh
Producer: Martin Schön
Production: Markenfilm Crossing
Camera: Jakob Süß, Timo Mugele, Marc Schleiss
Production Assistance: Markus Raunitschke
Visual artists: Alexander Franzem, Marcel Michalski, Markus Raunitschke, Chi-Hun Whang
Installation on site: Alexander Franzem
Musik: Klangerfinder / Florian Kaeppler

2011 The European Parliament Imagefilm, Installation