Part of the visitors center on the Zollverein World Heritage Site in Essen, Germany.

In 2010 the Ruhr area was the European Capital of Culture. Therefore the famous Zeche Zollverein in Essen became the center and symbol for a huge variety of cultural activity in this year. In a part of the former coal mine a round cinema was installed, projecting directly on concrete walls covered with thin paper. The panoramic movie RUHR360 was designed to give the visitor an idea of living in the Ruhr area as it is today. It is an emotional mix of documentary images and strong visuals in combination with a musical score specially composed for this project. RUHR360 is a meditation on the question: “what is the soul of the Ruhr area?”

The company jangled nerves gmbh did the media production for the whole Zollverein exhibition site. Together we developed a special camera to produce 360° video live footage in very high resolution to cope with the projection size. The system also needed to be light, very mobile and easy to use. In the end a rig with ten small synchronised HD cameras did the job. Several shootings took place during summer of 2009. In postproduction the aim was not only to produce perfect panoramic video sequences but also to work free and creative in the 360° format. Very important is the musical score. It was created by klangerfinder and Florian Kaeppler. The score is performed by the symphonic orchestra of Recklinghausen in the Ruhr area. There is one point in the middle of the movie where you actually see the orchestra performing the score.

Conception & direction: Marc Schleiss
Creative direction: Ingo Zirngibl
Creative producer: Timo Mugele
Production: jangled nerves gmbh
Research & conception: Michael Comtesse
R&D: Stephan Zirwes
Camera: Stephan Zirwes, Timo Mugele, Marc Schleiss, Fabiola Maldonado
Production Assistance: Anne Mauch
Visual artists: Ben Braun, Chi-Hun Whang, Daniel Goschke
Installation on site: Alexander Franzem
Musik: Klangerfinder / Florian Kaeppler

2010 Ruhr 2010 GmbH Imagefilm, Installation