Porsche Pavillon / Imagefilm Performance & Alltagstauglichkeit

Since Summer 2012 Porsche has its own brand pavillon in the Autostadt Wolfsburg. Together with jangled nerves I did the media conception and direction. the whole show is about 40 minutes long and consists of 4 imagefilms and various sound and video installations.

This video gives a short impression and features the image film “performance & usability”. Most parts of this film were shot in southern france and in stuttgart early 2012.

Automotive Brand Contest 2012: “Best of the best” (Porsche Pavillon Exhibition & Media Design)

Client: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG / Autostadt GmbH
lead agency: hg merz architekten museumsgestalter & jangled nerves
media production: jangled nerves
Conception & creative direction: Ingo Zirngibl
Conception & direction: Marc Schleiss
Art direction: Jörg Stierle
Lead producer: Jochen Zink
Video producer: Johannes Brommer
DoP: Jakob Süß
Visual Artists: Marcel Michalski, Alex Franzem, Ben Braun, Marcos Zevallos
Sounddesign & music: Klangerfinder
documentary: jangled nerves & Fabiola Maldonado

2012 Porsche AG Imagefilm, Installation