Mercedes-Benz Detroit 2013

At the North American International Auto Show 2013 in Detroit jangled nerves did the architecure and media production for the Mercedes Benz exhibition. I did the conception & direction of the show and the media content. The whole show was dedicated to the presentation of the new E-Class.

Client: Daimler AG
Production: jangled nerves
Conception & creative direction: Thomas Hundt
Conception & post-direction: Marc Schleiss
Lead producer: Jakob Eckert
Video producer: Markus Passera
Dop: Jakob Süß
Timelapse camera: Malte Ollroge
Assistant: Hartmuth Ulmer
Main shooting: Tony Petersen Film
Art director: Kristian Labuska
Cutter: Dirk Stoppe
Visual artists: Johannes Kirschner, Tobias Isakeit
CGI: Christian Bangert
Color correction: Moritz Ripprich
Music: Klangerfinder
Documentaion: jangled nerves

2013 Daimler AG Eventfilm, Imagefilm, Installation