Mercedes-Benz Service & Parts IAA 2011

Installation for IAA 2011 automotive show in Frankfurt, Germany

Wire Süden greated the 2011 IAA appearance for Mercedes-Benz Services & Parts. The main feature was a wall of 30 full HD LCD Panels. Huge high res animations were shown during the show setting mood and tone of the stand. Boxes with semi-transparent LCD Screens located in the walls were used to provide information for visitors aswell as two large multitouch tables. I co-worked in concept and did the direction for the LCD animation and the box-videos. This documentation video was produced and created by Wire Süden GmbH.

Conception: Stephan Häussler, Marc Schleiss
Direction: Marc Schleiss
Creative direction: Henrik Koppmann
Producer: Marcus Gross
Production: Wire Süden GmbH
Camera: Philipp Gnadt
Visual artists: Marcos Zevallos, Daniel Goschke, Johannes Kirschner
Documentation video: Wire Süden GmbH

2011 Daimler AG Eventfilm, Installation